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Golden winner World Gin Awards 2022

Mondich Gin

The best Belgian Gin 2022

MONDICH gin wins  'The Golden winner' during the World gin Awards 2022 in the United Kingdom for the category Contemporary style gin.

Mondich gin, from Torhout, won the title golden title on January 21st 2022.

This gin was developed by Derluyn Heidi & Debaene Christophe from the well-known mobile gin & cocktailbars 'Monkey Bar'.

Situated in the center of West-Flandres!

In 2018 we started looking for original bottles for our gin, all over the world.
Then we've added a custom logo, with a clear link to our mobile bars, and with the appropriate brand name, based on our own names and the name of our mobile bars.

The gin is the result of months of tweaking and tuning, both for the taste as for the appearance. Our idea was to combile both Belgian and foreign botanicals as to become a really unique taste..

After many tries by a Master Distiller from Belgium, and produced in real copper kettles, we achieved our gin.

Mondich Gin 42% has a pure, spicy taste with hints of feijoa and hibiscus. Feijoa is a fruit with pain killing qualities from Brazil. It's rich in vitamines and is also used in cosmetics in Brazil.

The distillery process is artisanal!

For sale in our shop 'Modi Fashion' at Ooststraat 106 - 8800 Roeselare.


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Golden winner World Gin Awards 2022